Nominee - easyRECrue

easyRECrue is Europe’s leading video interviewing and language assessment platform. The white label platform addresses many of the challenges modern recruitment teams face when pre-screening candidates.


Nominee - Uncommon

Powered by AI technology, Uncommon IQ™ is the industry’s first recruiting platform that connects companies with only interested and qualified candidates.


Nominee - FluentIQ

Combining machine learning and human interface Fluent IQ has delivered a real world test of communication skills that empowers recruiters to screen candidates with data never available before – removing bias and subjectivity and increasing diversity. With built-in video and 100% ID verification Fluent IQ is change the way we assess the most vital skill in any role around the world – communication.


Nominee - Frrole

Frrole DeepSense helps talent acquisition teams take recruiter productivity to the next level by automating a part of the candidate evaluation process. DeepSense can predict human behavior by taking only an email ID as an input. It thus helps recruiters assess candidates for qualitative attributes and soft skills without ever requiring an assessment test. DeepSense increases team productivity, shortens time to fill and reduces human bias in selection.

Employment Trust

Nominee - Employment Trust

“A Staffing Company of a Different Kind”. Human Intelligence fully utilizing Artificial Intelligence to help companies find great talent. Our initial niche is helping the top emerging technology based companies find the top talent in the greater Puget Sound area.


Nominee - VideoMyJob

At VideoMyJob, our vision is to make it simple for every hiring manager, HR or recruitment consultant to create an engaging, well branded, video job ad. Our video platform enables you to easily create compelling video content and engage and attract better quality candidates to ultimately fill jobs faster.


Nominee - Reflik

Reflik, the leader in crowdsourcing talent, finds the perfect ready-to-hire candidates in 10 days or less, through its extensive community of thousands of recruiters.