Employment Trust

Nominee - Employment Trust

“A Staffing Company of a Different Kind”. Human Intelligence fully utilizing Artificial Intelligence to help companies find great talent. Our initial niche is helping the top emerging technology based companies find the top talent in the greater Puget Sound area.


Nominee - Reflik

Reflik, the leader in crowdsourcing talent, finds the perfect ready-to-hire candidates in 10 days or less, through its extensive community of thousands of recruiters.

Talent Savant

Nominee - Talent Savant

Talent Savant is a one-of-a-kind, mission-based company. We charge 10% fees for direct hire, flat $5,000 and $10,000 fees for contract with no conversion fee and have the best RPO solutions on the market. We compensate our recruiters more per deal than the big guys. We commit to total transparency and put all profits beyond a 6-month operating budget back into our talented employees. We have recruiters in every geography and industry in the nation.


Nominee - Recruitsy

Recruitsy connects people with expert staffing agencies and recruiters. Our users contribute reviews for staffing agencies and recruiters across all industry sectors. These reviews are written by real people using Recruitsy to share their experiences, giving voice to candidates and bringing “word of mouth” to the staffing industry online.

Recruitsy makes it easy for staffing agencies to attract more customers, manage online reputation, and modernize the candidate experience.

Leverage the crowd, limit your risk, and connect with the best in the staffing industry.