Nominee - WeSolv

WeSolv is a platform that effectively increases companies’ pipelines of diverse candidates and identifies the best hires through predictive performance data. Companies use WeSolv technology to create real business Case Challenges that objectively assesses skill and competency requirements.


Nominee - SeekOut

SeekOut is a passive candidate sourcing solution that gives sourcers & recruiters a strategic advantage. With SeekOut you can discover & engage hard-to-find tech & diverse talent, faster.



AmazingHiring is the ultimate search engine for tech talents that helps recruiters to:

-find qualified tech candidates from more than 50 public sources, including social networks and professional communities;
-evaluate tech candidates’ technical skills;
-connect with tech candidates in a meaningful and proactive way.


Nominee - Uncommon

Powered by AI technology, Uncommon IQ™ is the industry’s first recruiting platform that connects companies with only interested and qualified candidates.


Nominee - career.place

career.place is a hiring solution for the modern employer and the empowered workforce alike. It connects the two like pieces of a jigsaw, allowing employers to bypass resumes until after they’ve honed in on the candidates with the traits and capabilities they need most.


Nominee - LineHire

LineHire is a web app that delivers employers a short-list of interview-ready candidates 2x faster and at half the cost. LineHire is building the world’s largest recruitment company that employs no recruiters. (NCIDEA ‘17, StartupRunner ‘16)