Nominee - easyRECrue

easyRECrue is Europe’s leading video interviewing and language assessment platform. The white label platform addresses many of the challenges modern recruitment teams face when pre-screening candidates.


Nominee - Wepow

Wepow’s video interviewing solution helps organizations hire faster and reduce costs while preserving human connection. Connect with candidates at scale.


Nominee - Sparc

Engage candidates with enhanced job descriptions that feature 20-second videos of the hiring manager. Create a connection between candidates and your opportunities.


JobUFO allows mobile and video experienced applicants to give a real first impression of themselves. Focusing on the job entry sector an app guides the user to record the perfect video application to show communication and laguage skills. Companies use the JobUFO management interface for their received video applications or integrate JobUFO in their existing HR software.


Nominee Talview

Talview is a one stop mobile-video hiring solution that upgrades the way companies hire. A company can accept applications, conduct automated asynchronous and live interviews, video proctored written & code tests, and onboard.